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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question? Email us at info@JobsAdsNmore.com to find out!


  1. What is JOBS ADS N MORE?

Jobs Ads N More, is a directory of Businesses, Products Events, Jobs and more. Originally, we wanted to be a jobs board, then we noticed that companies often pay a lot of money just to post jobs and nothing else. Now they can post jobs, the products/service they provide as any activated they’re involved in and wish to promote. Conveniently, users can search and find jobs and a whole lot more. We aim to be affordable to all businesses and convenient for all users.



Companies love us because they get to list, advertise, recruit, promote all in one location. Plus we are viewed by thousands of potential customers across the globe per month. Users love us for just the same! They get to find what they need all in one convenient location.


3. JOBS ADS N MORE Pricing

JOBS ADS N MORE is priced to compete and enjoy. There are few companies where you can advertise  and do so much for as low as $19.99 per month but you can with JOBS ADS N MORE. Users are allowed to post up to 500 items in any category within the selected period.


4. What currency is used?

Prices are or should be quoted in US dollars.


5. What can be listed?

Just about anything! If advertising items for sale, items should be in new condition. Products which are used or defective but usable should be explicitly stated. Jobs Ads N More is not responsible for items sold without permission so please make sure you are authorized to do so. JOBSADSNMORE is also not responsible for items which are sold in new, used or defective or defective-usable condition so parties must be clear in what they are selling and vigilant for what they are purchasing. Any expenses incurred to resolve disputes are that of the parties involved. Please do not list any drugs, guns or ammunition! Any such listings will be removed forthwith!


6. Which Countries can List?

Any Country can list on JobsAdsNmore.com. If you don’t see your country then send us an email and we will look into it for you.


7. How to Use JOBS ADS N MORE?

Simply search for your desired product in your area and see what’s available. Stay tuned! We are also developing an APP for you to download and get the latest while you’re on the move, even when you’re abroad!


8. What If I don’t See My City?

Send us an email at info@JobsAdsNmore.com for more information.


9. What is the Business Package?

The Business Package allows your business to be registered on 70 other publishers to increase your online visibility and potential customers. This process happens simultaneously and is completed in approximately 1 week. Applicable to businesses in the US ONLY!


10. What If I Sell Tickets or a Room With JOBS ADS N MORE?

If you sell tickets with JOBS ADS N MORE or allow reservations to occur with JOBS ADS N MORE, Customers would be given a receipt for confirmation and use on arrival. Promoters and hoteliers would be notified and paid via credit card, bank transfer or other suitably arranged means on submission of an invoice. Please Contact Us for further details.


11. Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Contact sellers directly to arrange shipment options.


12. Return Policy

Products Sold by JOBS ADS N MORE are returnable within 30 days. Please email us with details prior to returns for further instructions. Check with Individual sellers for their policy.


13. Is VISA/MASTERCARD Accepted?

Yes. We Accept Visa, MasterCard and other internationally recognized cards through PayPal. This allows for easy, secure recurrent billing. We do apologize but you will need to create a PayPal Account to complete your transactions at this time. We look forward to accepting visa debit/credit directly in the future.


14. Cancellation Policy

We would be sorry to see you go. Simply log-in to your PayPal account and de-activate recurring billing and your card will no longer be charged. Your info will be removed and your account will be closed.


15. Security/SSL Encryption

Your information is secured using SSL encryption and can not been seen by us or anyone else.


16. Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us and only what you want advertised will be shared. By using JobsAdsNmore you are also agreeing to having your content posted on social media as well as to our growing email lists. If you wish to opt out of social media postings or randomly selected advertising, then please send us a note via email and it will not be used.