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Searching our site is easy but because we have a global audience and listings from all over the world, you do need to pay attention to be sure you have the right information. In the approval process, we try to make it even easier by labelling the listing by “Category and Title” or “Category, Country and Title”, for example if you are searching for a job as a Nursing Assistant in Jamaica you may simply see “Job – Nursing Assistant” or Job Jamaica – Nursing Assistant”. We try our best to use the latter format to make the identification and selection process easier. If you know the name of the business that you are looking for, then you can enter that name and it will appear in the search results.


Here are some of the more popular search terms:


Jobs  or  Jobs {country}

Job Fair or Job Fair {country}

What’s On   or What’s On {Country}

Entertainment   or Entertainment {Country}

Hotel or Hotel {Country}

Place to Visit or Place to Visit {Country}

Spa or Spa {country}

Spa Special or Spa Special {country}

Restaurant or Restaurant {country}

Restaurant Special or Restaurant Special {Country}

Menu or Menu {country}

Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day {country}

Mother’s Day Lunch or Mother’s Day Lunch {country}

Mother’s Day Dinner or Mother’s Day Dinner {country}

Mother’s Day Specials or Mother’s Day Specials {country}

Father’s Day or Father’s Day {country}

Father’s Day Lunch or Father’s Day Lunch {country}

Father’s Day Dinner or Father’s Day Dinner {country}

Father’s Day Specials or Father’s Day Specials {country}

Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day {country}

Valentine’s Day Lunch or Valentine’s Day Lunch {country}

Valentine’s Day Dinner or Valentine’s Day Dinner {country}

Valentine’s Day Specials or Valentine’s Day Specials {country}

Independence Day or Independence Day {country}

Independence Day Lunch or Independence Day Lunch {country}

Independence Day Dinner or Independence Day Dinner {country}

Independence Day Specials or Independence Day Specials {country}

Christmas Day or Christmas Day {country}

Christmas Day Lunch or Christmas Day Lunch {country}

Christmas Day Dinner or Christmas Day Dinner {country}

Christmas Day Specials or Christmas Day Specials {country}

Old Year’s Night or Old Year’s Night {country}

New Year’s Day Lunch or New Year’s Day Lunch {country}

New Year’s Day Dinner or New Year’s Day Dinner {country}

Staycation or Staycation {country}


This list is by no mean exhaustive but we hope you get the message. We review every listing and if it is not already stated then we will try to use the terms as maybe common in your location.