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When listing on www.JobsAdsNmore.com you agree to:


1.The authenticity of your posts. Companies which recruiting are welcomed to advertise any job openings but these positions should be genuinely available and not already filled.


2. Companies are agreeing to publish content in any category as necessary.


3. JobsAdsNmore reserves the right to reject any post which promotes drugs, illicit sex, violence or any activity deemed illegal.


4. JobsAdsNmore reserves the right to reject or request a different photo due to poor quality.


5. Any rejected listings will be accompanied by an explanation or businesses can request an explanation.


6. All efforts should/will be made to keep your information up to date.


7. Payments will be automatically deducted as per selected package.


8. US Companies selecting the Business Package agrees to the publication of content on Third Party Publishers.


9. US Companies with more than 25 physical locations will be referred to our partner company for continuation of services. Different fees may be applicable.


10. Financial Information cannot be seen by JobsAdsNmore and Ultimately can not be view or distributed to any other Parties.


11. Subscriptions may be terminated at any point but associated information will cease to be published.


12. JobsAdsNmore is a global company and information will be available fore viewing by interested parties in any country at any given time.


13. Subscriptions cancelled mid-term may have the remainder balance forfeited.


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